Maintenance or Restoration?

See here what type of cleaning you need. Pricing is listed below.

Maintenance Cleaning 

Panels with only pollen, dust and light debris. 

(no form of hard buildup)

Restoration Cleaning 

Panels showing mold, algae or other hard buildup. Typically starting at the bottom of the panel and growing upward, it will appear black or dark red.

IMPORTANT: Any visible algae on the panels will be charged as a RESTORATION cleaning - See Restoration Page for pricing.

Discounts for Annual Cleaning

"Best Practice" and best value for customers who sign up for yearly cleaning or who have been installed for less than 6 months. Ask us about this following your first cleaning or restoration - No commitment scheduling.

This is for solar (photovoltaic) panel cleaning only. Call or email for quotes on other services.

Price List

If you are unsure which category you need then select restoration when booking so we can plan enough time on site. We will adjust the service if only a maintenance cleaning is required.

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

1 - 16 Panels


17 - 24 Panels


25 - 32 Panels


33 - 40 Panels


41 - 48 Panels


49 - 56 Panels


57 - 64 Panels


65 - 72 Panels


73 - 79 Panels


80+ Panels (Price per panel)



500+ Panels - CALL FOR QUOTE

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Applications
  • Solar Farms

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