Solar Panel Cleaning

We use low-pressure, deionized water-fed brushes designed specifically for the delicate touch solar panels require. Every cleaning includes an antistatic protective coating and visual inspection of your panels, mounts and wiring. During warmer months heated water is used so panels are not cooled too quickly.

Restoration Cleaning

Neglected solar panels will begin to build up mold and lichen, a form of blue algae. Given long enough it will grow up the entire length of the panel significantly reducing the production and shorten the overall lifespan of the system. Using rotary brushes and just enough cleaning agent allows us to restore these panels back to a near new state in most cases.

Anti-Static Protectant Application

Included with every cleaning, the Antistatic Solar Protectant is tested and certified by the international laboratory TÜV Sud , has letters of conformity from 12 of the 15 largest photovoltaic solar panel producers in the world, and above all is biodegradable, easy to apply and environmentally friendly. The coating provides long-lasting benefits, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Paint Removal

1 in 10 systems we clean have been affected by some level of paint overspray. This commonly happens when painting the exterior of a house or neighboring house with a spray gun. We are actively working to spread awareness to the paint services industry to take the necessary steps to properly cover a system before spraying as the removal process is tedious. That said, we carry all the equipment for removal of most types of paints.

Concrete Removal

Over time, cement, rust, stone dust, gypsum and other alkalines can accidentally splash onto the surface of solar panels during construction or renovation projects. The most common of these forms is gunite from new pool construction. If left untreated, this cement buildup can severely reduce the efficiency of solar panels and affect the lifespan. We are equipped to properly remove these contaminants without damaging the surface of the panels.

Commercial Solar Cleaning

We are equipped with commercial solar cleaning robots and brush mounted carrier vehicles to clean large scale systems and solar farms throughout Florida. We are equipped to clean up to 20 Megawatt systems.

Solar Skirt Installation

Solar skirts can be installed to improve the overall appearance of your solar panels so that wires and rails are not visible from the ground.

Rodent Guard Installation

Rodent guards are used to protect against nesting birds, squirrels chewing on wire or other nuisance animals from accessing the area between your panels and roof.

Note: Animal removal is required before we will begin work.

SolaTrim - Solar Panel Protection


You have a 25-year production warranty on your solar panels, but how do you know if one needs replacing?

Using industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to spot damaged panels we will capture and detect module and string failures. This can be caused by deterioration of the PV current, damaged or broken up cells or resistive heating. Thermal Imagery can also be used to capture potential 'hot spots' on solar panels. A hot spot is a PV cell, or a group of cells, operating at a significantly higher temperature than the rest of the cells in a panel.

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