Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Cleaning of Frames and Solar Skirts:

We will clean the frames and skirts of the solar panels whenever access is safe and efficient. Difficult-to-reach areas, which may require ladder repositioning, are not included in our regular maintenance service, as our primary focus is on cleaning the solar glass. For frame and skirt cleaning services, please contact our office for additional information and quotes.

White or Yellow Dots on Panels (Bee Pollen):

In regions like Florida, white or yellow dots on panels are often caused by bee pollen, a sticky resin-like accumulation. This can typically be removed during restoration cleaning. We recommend allowing it to dissolve naturally if it's the only hard buildup present on the panels.

Leaves Wedged Between Frame and Solar Glass:

During maintenance cleaning, we will remove all accessible leaf debris safely and efficiently. Difficult-to-reach leaves, where ladder repositioning or stepping on panels is required, may not be removed. While we make every effort to clean thoroughly, some leaves may remain if they cannot be reached with our cleaning methods. For complete leaf debris removal, please contact our office for additional information and quotes.

Damage to Roof or Solar Equipment:

If you suspect damage to your roof or solar equipment as a result of our cleaning process, please contact us immediately. We will promptly address any damage caused by Solar Soft personnel. However, we must be allowed to inspect and photograph the damaged area before proceeding with any repairs, replacements, or reimbursements.

Aesthetics of Roof After Soft Washing:

The appearance of your roof after soft washing will reflect the cleanest possible version of its current condition. An older or weathered roof may not achieve the same results as a newer roof with minimal soiling. We assume property owners have considered this when scheduling cleaning services.